The Cherkess Fund Organization

A none-profit International Organization

Working for the preservation of Circassian Language and Culture

Established in 1991 in Nalchik, Kabardino Balkarian Republic

 Cherkess and Circassian are names given for the same people who call themselves Adigha


Biographies and Achievements of outstanding Circassians at home and in the Diaspora.


Mohydeen Quandour (completed)

(Internationally acclaimed Author, Composer)


Yuri Temerkanov (completed)

(Internationally acclaimed Conductor)


Alim Keshokov

(Highly acclaimed Circassian poet and author)


Ali Shogensukov

(Poet, father of modern Circ. Poetry)


Luba Balagova-Quandour

(Acclaimed Poet and Circassian literary scholar)


Mohadeen Komakhov

(Foremost Circassian linguist)


Mohadeen Kishev

(Internationally famous artist)


Ruslan Tsrimov

(Outstanding Kabardinian artist)


Most of the above files are under construction. We welcome proposals along with biographies of other outstanding Circassians you think should be considered for this presentation. Our email is :


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